Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A Place for Thoughts, Lists & Ramblings

image - Dottie Angel

No sooner do I finish tapping away my last entry & up pops a lovely new entry from Dottie Angel.  Notebooks!!!! How perfect for me 'the lover of lists'.  So as a treat I have just ordered a little trio of these charming, or as Dottie would say 'handy dandy notebooks'.  Now the joy of deciding what lists to put in them.  Any suggestions?


  1. emma dearest,
    thank you kindly for giving some handy dandy notebooks a happy home :)
    most lovely of you...

  2. How about these for starters: a list of blog entry topics you would like to write for this blog, a list of creative goals for the year, a list of new desserts you would like to make, a list of things you would do if they didn't seem too crazy and/or you couldn't fail at them, a list of 20 things you really enjoy doing alone (then do one a week), a list of skills you wish you had but don't and a list of skills you do have but don't use....