Saturday, 5 February 2011

O's Turned 7

Today my middle child turned 7!  He has been so excited.  He's been counting down the days since before Christmas.

Last year we decided to put birthday parties on hold for a while in favour of special family days. So far it's working really well.  O gets to choose his favourite things to do as it's his birthday, so for O's birthday weekend:

  • O took a basket of chocolate mice to school for his class friends to enjoy.
  • O blew out his candles on his cake (thank you Little Green Shed for the inspiration to make this cake from Nigella!)

  • O opened his presents - his favourite present was his magic wand from here.

  • O went with his family to Jamie's restaurant for his favourite meal - pasta!!!!
Image - Jamie's

  • O went bowling with his Daddy.

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  1. I really like your idea of a family day out instead of a party. I just can't resist a birthday party, though! Maybe the novelty will wear off as they get older - I've only done a few.