Saturday, 19 February 2011

Fair Maids of February

Snowdrops @ Welford Park

Friday I went out with a friend for a child free visit to our local snowdrops.  They we're amazing.  It was a very misty day, so unfortunately my photo doesn't do them justice.  I have to say I did feel a little guilty as usually I take the children, who have great fun running around & we always end the day in the Old Laundry Room for tea & cake! We must have looked like we were lacking 'something' as instead of our children we adopted a lovely old man who walked around with us sharing all of his knowledge about the park & the snowdrops, which he informed us had been growing there for 600 years!

We still managed to end our visit with a good gossip over tea & a lovely slice of victoria sponge in the Old Laundry Room.

I'm now looking forward to the Bluebells which grow around us in abundance but they are not for a while.  Does anyone know of any good daffodil displays in the Wiltshire/Gloucestershire area to keep me going?


  1. a beautiful photo...misty or not...i attempt to get there every year but somehow miss...x

  2. Wow, lovely picture and snowdrops are wonderful, aren't they. I'll check back for daffodil inspiration too!