Sunday, 27 February 2011

Licking Lemons!

After my decision in January for a 'greener clean' I have been madly cleaning my house to use up all those nasty chemical cleaning solutions.  We're almost there.

Finally the spray can of polish has run out, so last night I decided to make up a natural furniture polish for all the wooden furniture & doors in the house.  My little jar of liquid polish smells gorgeous & it must taste good too, as today I have found the dog licking my doors!!!

Image - Natural Wood Furniture Polish

I'm afraid if you're one of those people that sprays polish on every dusty surface going, this probably won't be what you're after.  This smeared across your tv screen would be a natural disaster - leave that job to your feather duster.  But so far my wood has been only too happy to drink up this lemony solution.

Recipe for 'Natural Wood Furniture Polish':

1/4 cup olive oil
4 tbsp distilled white vinegar
2 tsp lemon juice or 20-30 drops lemon essential oil

note - (if you use lemon juice you will need to refrigerate your polish)

Pour ingredients into a spray bottle or jar & shake well before using.

The olive oil will add moisture to your wood while the vinegar will clean it, drawing out the dirt.

Happy cleaning.......


  1. That looks great- my sister in law only uses natural cleaning producxts, mainly because of her asthma, so she would be very impressed. Not sure if I could give up the Mr Sheen! x

  2. Yay, well done for making your polish. I've been using natural products for a while and they are quite fun to make and use. Ilove the Cabbages and Roses guide - if only I had a utility room like the one pictured {sigh}.