Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Shopping Trip

Saturday morning my hubby had to work so the kids came with me on a shopping trip!

My kids are not great shoppers so I thought we'd better start the day off on a high note as well as ending on one!  And steer clear of butchers, bakers, etc.  I needed to get through the day with minimum whining.

First stop was the Oxfam Book Shop - a favourite haunt.  The children we're allowed to choose one book each and one red nose each!

I also chose a book.  I couldn't believe my luck, an unused copy of Bazaar Style.

We followed this with a trip to the library, where between 5 library cards we took out as many books as we could carry.  I'm looking forward to trying a few recipes from Fork to Fork by Monty & Sarah Don.

Laden down with books & a promise to start reading them before we went home I managed to drag the children into my favourite shop - Wild Thymes.  It's a tiny Health Food & Cheese Shop.  They sell the most amazing flaked almonds & coconut which I put on my porridge every day!

Daily Porridge

2 large scoops of porridge oats
1 small scoop of raisins or sultanas
cover in ecomil almond milk
microwave for 1 minute, stir
microwave for 1 more minute
top with almond flakes & coconut flakes & whatever fresh fruit comes to hand (usually berries in my case)

Finally a rather expensive trip into the local stationery shop for fountain pens, coloured pencils, sharpeners & other requirements for school pencil cases.

At last, we ended up in The Food Gallery for the most delicious coffee & children's hot chocolates.  The kids happily flicked through their books whilst I read the paper!!!

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