Monday, 1 October 2012

A little story about a bag.....

A very, extremely, couldn't be more embarrassingly, late post about the lovelyest of lovely bags.

11th December 2011 I won a competition!  It never happens.  I never win anything.  This story is about the bag pictured below.

Now, please excuse the number of photo's.  It has taken me ages to get the images into here (lack of photoshop & other whizzy gadgets on my mac). I did originally have them all in a lovely grid in a PDF doc but it wouldn't let me publish the page.  I wanted you to see all the different fabrics & the detail!

I entered a competition on the lovely Tales of Ted & Agnes website & I won!!!  That's really all there is to it.  But I LOVE this bag.  Everyone comments on my bag.  So I'm really posting this as I want all of you to know about the lovely bag too.  Pop over to the gorgeous Ted & Agnes website if you haven't been there before.  And even more excitingly Rachelle Blondel (from Ted & Agnes) has got together with her equally lovely granny chic friend Tif Fussell from Dottie Angel & the two of them have written a book which I can't wait to get my hands on.

So, check out Ted & Agnes, check out Dottie Angel (I'm sure you know both of them already) & check out the lovely bag below.

This little post gave me a good excuse to tidy out the bag so I could photograph it!!


Yesterday I turned 40 & I have to say, so far I'm actually quite enjoying it.  I have a very happy marriage, 3 wonderful & healthy children & a lovely home that needs continual TLC but I quite enjoy that.

Birthday card from my kids

I didn't have a massive party (not that you shouldn't), or a panic that life is slipping away.  Life is good.

Beautiful flowers from a friend

Of course things will go wrong.  The children test me most days.  The pets get sick - my son's beloved hamster needed an emergency trip to the vet last week, with what has turned out to be a broken knee!  We're always struggling for money (but who isn't).  But generally, life really is good.

Earrings from my mummy

Now I'm wondering if I need to set myself some challenges, some goals.  Whenever I do that I never complete them.  Does that matter?  Even to complete half would be pretty good.