Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Easter Day Trippers

What an absolutely amazing Easter weekend!  I don't recall weather being this fantastic over Easter in ages.

Sadly though everyone had the same idea as us & went camping, which meant we couldn't get into any of our favourite campsites.  But we were not going to disappoint our 3 little angels. So..... we day tripped.

Good Friday
We went to Barbury Castle for a lovely walk with the dogs.  It's a great place where the kids can run safely.  It's good for kite flying.  Dogs do have to be on leads in the sheep field. We took our flask & treats with us & enjoyed a lazy time in the beautiful sunshine.  We then whizzed home to light the barbie & share the evening with some good friends around the chiminea.

Image - Barbury Castle
By popular demand we took a trip to Monkey World in Wareham.  If you haven't been, you really should.  Whilst it is extremely sad to see these primates in captivity, it is also wonderful to know that they have been rescued & have been able to live a well cared for life here.  Some of the stories are heartbreaking.

Image - T&M tracking the route
Take a picnic or eat in their restaurant.  Opportunities for coffee & ice-cream.  A wonderful gift shop full of monkeys - we brought some home with us! There are also a couple of great play areas for your own little monkeys to climb & swing from.

How can you resist?

Image - Monkey World
Later that evening the kids wrote a letter to the Easter Bunny & left some carrots.  The bunny left some lovely chocolate - even mummy & daddy were included!!!

Image - letters & carrots for The Easter Bunny!
Image - Yummy, Thank You Easter Bunny!

Easter Sunday
We found ourselves heading to Symonds Yat. We had a lovely lunch at the hotel situated in the end car park in Symonds Yat East (for the life of me I cannot remember the name).  We planned to go to the Saracen's Head Inn which seems to be the most popular one, so popular we couldn't get in.  However, we enjoyed sitting in the hotel garden (of the one I can't remember) overlooking the River Wye.  We then took the walk (with kids on bikes) from the carpark, through the woods (where there was an abundance of wild garlic), over the suspension bridge & back up the other side through the Biblins Youth Campsite (which looked pretty cool too) & up to Ye Olde Ferrie Inn - where we sat on their wooden balcony for a drink & crisps (Pimm's in my case).  From there we caught the hand pulled ferry across the river & walked back up towards the Saracen's Head.  Here we had some lovely ice-creams before starting our hike to Yat Rock.  We didn't actually make it as far as Yat Rock but we did make it to the viewing point across the wooden bridge.

Image - Suspension Bridge @ BYC

Image - view from viewing point en route to Yat Rock

We didn't make it to the Seven Sisters Rock or King Arthurs Cave & we didn't spot a Peregrine Falcon - we'll be back for another visit soon!

Easter Monday
We're on wind down mode now, not wanting to drive too far at the end of a bank holiday.  A walk with our dogs around Coate Water.  It was busy but a place to go if you're in the area & it's not a bank holiday!

We stopped off at the Royal Oak on the way home to the last bbq of the weekend before the weather turned colder!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Fun in the Sun

I can not believe this weather - apparently we are 10 degrees above average!

Today we packed a HUGE picnic & headed off to Bowood House.  I spent most of my time sitting on the picnic blanket.  My children spent a happy 6 hours running, climbing & sliding here......

Image - Bowood House Adventure Playground

 and here....

Image - Bowood House Adventure Playground

 crossing the waterfall & going through the pitch black cave here.....

Image - Bowood House Waterfall

and running in the wide open spaces, rolling down hills & just enjoying a very simple day in a beautiful setting.
Image - Bowood House Boathouse

Images owned by Bowood House & BBC website.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Wonderful Wales

Our Welsh adventure was amazing! I managed to put together an adventure pack for my daughter (boys adventure packs were in previous post) - a duffle bag with lip balm, tin mug, pretty flask, camping towel in pink & a new foldaway raincoat that she desperately needed!  Not that we needed any raincoats at all, it was so sunny.

We stayed here with our two dogs, who couldn't believe the freedom they had to roam. I could've moved into the cottage permanently.  We ate huge breakfasts, made delicious packed lunches & finished off with hearty meals back at the cottage before bed.

We walked all day, climbed, made dens, found waterfalls, stopped for a cuppa & walked some more.

Sadly we were only here for 3 nights - we're desperate to go back!