Monday, 21 March 2011


This weekend we are going on an adventure, well walking in Wales with the dogs but we'll make it adventurous!!  We have booked a cottage.  I'm pre-cooking all the meals.  Daddy has bought these fab adventure kits for the boys.

Image - John Lewis
 Now the problem arises - I have nothing for my daughter!  So, any suggestions please for things I can get for a five year olds girly adventure pack.  Tin mug, lip gloss & kendal mint cake are on my list but not sure she'll go for camo tarpaulins even if they are pink.


  1. No good asking me - I say get her a pair of Christian Louboutins and send her off to the The Ivy, but thats hardly simple is it.... Hope your adventure weekend was lots of fun x

  2. ummm some earmuffs, self heatiing hand warmers, grown up wet wipes. Oh it's a tough one...and you'll be off by tomorrow so unless you've got it all organised by now, I don;t think I can be much help to you!
    Thanks for stopping by mine and saying nice things.