Monday, 7 March 2011


I love collecting but I hate too much clutter, so my collections have to be useful, they can't collect dust on a shelf.

Image - 66 cook books squeezed in behind the breakfast cereals

I think my biggest collection is probably books.  I love books.  I love book shops.  I love second hand books.  I love libraries.  Infact years ago, I was about 12, it was suggested through some weird psychometric testing we all did at school that my ideal career would be librarian!  Of course we all laughed about it at the time but I really do regret not taking that seriously.

I think my biggest weekness in the book world is cookery books.  Today I counted 66 cookery books - then of course there's all those recipe cards, those lovely seasons books waitrose used to do, magazine cuttings, internet print outs, I could go on.

I'm by no means a brilliant cook but I do enjoy creating & really enjoy food.  So with all of that in mind I am putting together a new page on my blog called Food Glorious Food.  It's a bit like my Hazy Days & Holidays page, so please feel free to put forward your suggestions.

The book I'm mainly cooking from this week is:

The book on my wish list is:


  1. I don't often get inspired to by cooking, though I do find the old simple wholesome reipies are always the best for me! I too love collecting but don't like clutter, it's a tricky little dilema..

  2. i too am a shocker with cook books, just can't resist, your collection looks rather fine! rx