Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Power Shopping!

On Saturday I power shopped!  It was great fun & my kids were angels.

First stop was Swindon - not my usual port of call but we needed to return something to a big DIY shop, whilst there we popped into TK Maxx (for lunch believe it or not, before whizzing on to our next stop).  Of course whilst there I had a quick mooch & found one of my favourite brands at a bargain price, so I brought it home!

Au Lait

The wire basket that it's in was a bargain from my next port of call.  We drove through Marlborough enroute to Pewsey & stopped in at a favourite shop of mine - The Antiques & Tat Shop.  It's tiny, so takes me moments to quickly scan & there it was.  I'm hoping my husband will like the idea of it becoming a shelf in our shower room, to match the other basket already in there storing the towels.

Then onto our final destination The Strawberry Fayre at Pewsey.  The kids had a great time here.  They watched ferret racing and Punch & Judy.  They ate delicious ice cream, played in the play ground & looked round the stalls.  Hobbs House Bakery were there too!  My boys loved sampling their bread so much they were given a free loaf!  I was excited to learn that Hobbs are now supplying my local farm shop & also have this wonderful delivery service which I'm very tempted to try.

I was very good, I stayed off the ice creams & treated myself instead to this very sweet spoon engraved by Caroline Green Pottery and some delicious foodie treats.  Bizarrely we missed the strawberry picking which was the whole point of going!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Yesterday we had to pop over to Tewkesbury.  Well actually I had to tag along with my husband to a KTM bike shop in the industrial park.  I agreed to come on the hour long trip on the basis that we would go into the town centre for lunch.

I have never been to Tewkesbury before & due to the heavy rain didn't get a chance to look around but I did stumble across this lovely little deli for lunch!

There isn't much room but we managed on this tiny little table for two right next to all the shelves of fudge, which was fatal!  We enjoyed lovely freshly made sandwiches & coffee & left with a few extra treats.

We did also have some lovely lamb samosas but old dog ate them.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Days!!

I know Fathers Day is meant to be for all the dear fathers in the world but I have to say, I too really enjoyed Fathers Day today.

My husband got up & cooked us all scrambled eggs, smoked salmon & bagels!  Then full of energy off he went with our two boys, a friend & his eldest to Motocross at Foxhill!

The poor wives who were left behind with the 2 youngest (being princesses & far too delicate for motocross), went out for a lovely coffee & cake, followed by a little mooch around some yummy shops!

We then all met up in Cosmo Pan Asian restaurant - where you can eat as much as you possibly can!  I am now lying like a beached whale on the sofa.