Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Power Shopping!

On Saturday I power shopped!  It was great fun & my kids were angels.

First stop was Swindon - not my usual port of call but we needed to return something to a big DIY shop, whilst there we popped into TK Maxx (for lunch believe it or not, before whizzing on to our next stop).  Of course whilst there I had a quick mooch & found one of my favourite brands at a bargain price, so I brought it home!

Au Lait

The wire basket that it's in was a bargain from my next port of call.  We drove through Marlborough enroute to Pewsey & stopped in at a favourite shop of mine - The Antiques & Tat Shop.  It's tiny, so takes me moments to quickly scan & there it was.  I'm hoping my husband will like the idea of it becoming a shelf in our shower room, to match the other basket already in there storing the towels.

Then onto our final destination The Strawberry Fayre at Pewsey.  The kids had a great time here.  They watched ferret racing and Punch & Judy.  They ate delicious ice cream, played in the play ground & looked round the stalls.  Hobbs House Bakery were there too!  My boys loved sampling their bread so much they were given a free loaf!  I was excited to learn that Hobbs are now supplying my local farm shop & also have this wonderful delivery service which I'm very tempted to try.

I was very good, I stayed off the ice creams & treated myself instead to this very sweet spoon engraved by Caroline Green Pottery and some delicious foodie treats.  Bizarrely we missed the strawberry picking which was the whole point of going!

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  1. Hi there, I've just found your blog today and like what I have seen so far! I dream of owning a camper van!

    I noticed in your 'about me' you mention not loving rosacea - I suffer it too. I have it on my nose, the worst possible place (I have a huge nose too so it's kind of a double nightmare!!). It makes my life a misery on a regular basis :( Antibitotics keep it under control so I can at least get some camouflage make up on it, but how I long for a cure.