Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Whilst I've been away ......

It's been almost 4 months since I last posted on my blog.  I had so many plans to chit chat away on here & share things with everyone but life took over.

I wanted to share pictures of our trip to Scotland in our beloved campervan.  She made it all the way from the South of England & back again with only a few minor tweeks to the engine.  I can't find the pictures, lost in the mounds of downloaded data to be sorted through.  I have got one of the VW though.

My eldest son managed to severe a tendon in his thumb which resulted in a summer in a post-op cast.  All is now well & working again & he's back at rugby.  We pray there will be no more accidents.

My little girl, aged 6, is worrying about a boy in her class.  Mummy she said, did you ever really like a boy & another girl also really like the same boy?  How do you know which one of you he really likes?  The pressures at age 6!!!!!  I'm happy to say she does still prance around the house in her tutu with her favourite cuddly toy.

The transfer of the allotment to a small manageable corner of our garden has worked very well.  We ate lots of produce from our own garden & I am still cutting sweet peas!

Pinterest has taken over my life a little bit.  I love it, it's so easy but it does stop me blogging.  Which also means I haven't kept up to date on other lovely blogs & all their news.  I've also discovered I have some new followers which is so nice but must be very disappointing for them if I haven't blogged!

So that was Summer & now here we are in Autumn.  My favourite season.  I can feel a list of things I love coming on .......


  1. Hey Welcome Back! Glad to hear you've had a busy and fun summer (despite injuries). I look forward to your autumn love list!

  2. Your camper is so cool - lovely to have you posting again! Went over to pinterest & instantly repinned a couple - lovely boards!!! Looking forward to your list x