Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Days!!

I know Fathers Day is meant to be for all the dear fathers in the world but I have to say, I too really enjoyed Fathers Day today.

My husband got up & cooked us all scrambled eggs, smoked salmon & bagels!  Then full of energy off he went with our two boys, a friend & his eldest to Motocross at Foxhill!

The poor wives who were left behind with the 2 youngest (being princesses & far too delicate for motocross), went out for a lovely coffee & cake, followed by a little mooch around some yummy shops!

We then all met up in Cosmo Pan Asian restaurant - where you can eat as much as you possibly can!  I am now lying like a beached whale on the sofa.

1 comment:

  1. Coffee & cake sounds good. I have just found your blog via Emma Bradshaw. I love the mix. Your list of places to visit looks fab - will be checking some out over the summer. We started blogging at about the same time. Pop over & see me some time!!