Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Little Love with Sprinkles On

Today my eldest son was home alone with me after school, the other two were on a play date.  We don't get one to one time very often so I asked him what he'd like to do when he got home - BAKE he said.

Bless his little heart, he baked fairy cakes for his brother's & sister's lunchboxes.

It's also just dawned on me that Valentine's Day is just around the corner & I think my children would really appreciate it if we celebrated the day in some way.  I completely failed with Chinese New Year which is such a shame as there are so many cute things we could've done with 'Year of the Bunny' much better than 'Year of the Rat'!

So, I'm now frantically planning something for Valentine's.  I think I might make them all fudge & wrap it in cellophane with ribbon. Maybe a Valentine Treasure Hunt....... what will you do?


  1. they look great, I bet his brother & sisiter were very happy! My hubby & I never make a fuss of valentines, but now two of our boys are at school, perhaps I should do a little something..maybe lovehearts cookies all round!

  2. YUm- I do like the look of those cakes. Thankyou for stopping by my blog x