Monday, 21 February 2011

Popcorn & Sticky Seats

Oh, this weather.  I love seasons, I don't mind the cold & the damp & the grey but I do wish for a bit of sunshine this half term!

The kids had Daddy home for half a day today so we decided to make today our half term trip to the cinema.  I find this whole adventure getting more & more costly with most kids films being 3D, which they charge more for & then charge again for the glasses!

So today we went 2D.  I snuck in a flask of coffee for us & water for the kids.  I popped some popcorn at home & raided the treats tin!

I then got cosy in my rather sticky seat with my youngest on my lap (with paid for vacant seat next to me!) where we all enjoyed Yogi Bear.  Yogi was a favourite of mine as a child.  Our three loved the movie.  I'm now hunting down old Yogi Bear cartoons on YouTube.

Image - IMDb

My youngest & I are also very excited by one of the trailers & we are already planning our next cinema trip.  Winnie the Pooh is coming to the screens very soon!

Image - IMDb

We love watching movies together.  I seem to recall Emma Bradshaw enjoying a movie for her birthday last year outside in her garden.  I need to think of an imaginative way to do this in the cold!!!

We also still need to see Where The Wild Things Are - any suggestions for unique ways to home view this on a cold, damp evening?  Or suggestions for other favourite childhood films of your own?

Image - IMDb


  1. Sounds like a lovely half term treat. We adore Where the Wild things Are- F has it on DVD and was watching it this evening actually. It's the most enchanting children's film I ever saw and every time I see it it still fills me with awe and emotion! In fact I blogged about it a while back I reckon it would be wonderful to watch in monster costumes and tucked up with blankets and yummy treats x

  2. How about you make a Wild Things sofa den and watch it from there? I loved this film although it was too scary for my little ones and we watched it once they were in bed!