Sunday, 13 February 2011

Muddy Boys & Yorkshire Puddings

Today we watched the kids sliding around in rugby, their little hands red raw from the rain & freezing wind.  They had to strip down in the car to their underpants, with the heating on full blast for the journey home.

We lit the fire & ran hot baths so everyone could warm up.  The plan for the rest of the day - hot chocolate, comfort foods & the Ireland v France game.

Daddy did us all proud & made the most delicious roast dinner - with his giant yorkshire pudding.

Daddy's Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

For 6:
4 large eggs
Equal quantity of milk to eggs
Equal quantity of plain flour to eggs
Pinch of salt

Heat oven to 225 degrees (C).
Pour eggs and milk into large mixing bowl and add a pinch of salt.
Whisk thoroughly (electric whisk works best).
Gradually add flour, while whisking, until you get a cream consistency. Not too runny, but not as thick as double cream, say. Make sure there's no lumps.
Leave to stand for a good 30 minutes or more.
Pour some rapeseed oil (or whatever takes your fancy) in a good sized bread tin - that one was something like 35 cm by 20 cm - you can use individual yorkshire trays or a couple of smaller cake tins, but we like a giant pudding! Slap it in the oven to get the oil/fat really hot.
(Some people now add a little water to the mix just before pouring in, but we don't).
Pour batter in tin and stick it in the oven for 20 minutes as quick as you can - that was filled to around half an inch depth. Don't open the oven to check half way!


And don't forget the gravy....

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  1. Ooh that looks good, perfect heartwarming food! What a great daddy..