Monday, 31 January 2011

The Love of Lists

I am a lover of lists.  I have never been able to successfully keep a diary but I have always been a fantastic list maker.  I have notebooks full of lists, different books for different lists, lists of recipes (all the chocolate cakes & who's I like best!).  Lists can be visual too - scrapbooks full of images, which are then grouped & sorted.  Images kept on memory sticks of flower displays, a collection of stacked tea cups, ideas for parties - it goes on & on.

At this time of year, like most of you, I'm starting to think about our holiday plans & of course with this comes the start of another list!!!!!

Holidays in this country are generally a huge success.  This maybe due to the lack of stress, we usually camp or rent a last minute cottage, it's usually spontaneous & as it's last minute we try to go when the weather is nice but have no great expectations here & fully expect rain (waterproofs & board games are an essential).

I obviously already have a list of lovely places I'd like to visit or stay in.  Through reading other lovely blogs, I realise I share the same favourite places as a lot of you.  So, here is some of my list, please comment & add to the list, especially if you've stayed there & I will add your favourite places to this list too - our own list of:

Favourite Hazy Days & Holidays

Driftwood Beach Chalet
Love Lane Caravans

Cloud Farm

Tom's Field Campsite

West Sussex
Billycan Camping
The Dodo

Camper Vans
Snail Trail

Lovely Companies with Unique Places to Stay
Canopy & Stars
Feather Down Farms
Under the Thatch

Please also check out Emma Bradshaw's pages aswell.  Emma inspired me to start my own blog. Emma has listed her top UK family holidays and a great camping guide.

Holiday Bookshop


  1. I have a great friend who I once spent a wonderful evening with as we wrote a list of lists we would love to write...! so I get where you are coming from...

  2. I love holiday lists. Also have 4 of the same books as you so we're def on the same wavelength! You have my fave's already (The Dodo looks amazing!) but I dream of holidaying on a Scottish island so would add the Colonsay Hotel. Dreamy!

  3. I am definately a list girl! Thanks for popping over to my blog. You really must try crochet, I taught myself using beginner books & some online tutorials, and I have to say I'm a little addicted!