Monday, 17 January 2011

Winter Oranges

On Sunday Nigel Slater served me well. I chose the Baked Cinnamon & Oranges with Grand Marnier Pudding from his Real Fast Puddings book for the lunch I was telling you about. They were a lovely accompaniment to my friends bread & butter pudding.

I made far too much & not wanting to waste the delicious ingredients, after discussion with my other foodie mums we decided they should be made into an orange vodka for Christmas but more likely to be served in the summer because we won't be able to wait that long to taste it!

Turning left-over Baked Cinnamon & Oranges with Grand Marnier Pudding into Orange Vodka

Put remaining mixture into a sterilised bottle (in my case it filled about 1/3 of the bottle)

  • add to this 1/3 caster sugar
  • top up with vodka
  • pop in 3 cardamon pods & a stick of cinnamon
  • leave in a dark cupboard & keep shaking gently until sugar disolves.

I'm hoping it will taste delicious.

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