Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Oh, how quickly the mighty fall.  We've gone from a 'Wonderful Weekend' to the sniffs & sneezes!!!!

As much as I'd love a cosy day in bed surrounded by books & magazines - it's not going to happen.  So, with a quick surf of the internet I've come up with these natural remedies:

Number 1 - Rest
Almost impossible for me (I'm just not very good at doing nothing, I feel guilty) so I'm going to do the ironing & listen to The Archers Omnibus podcast.

Number 2 - Eat Well
I always start the day with porridge.  I'm planning pasta bake for the kids tea, so I can eat that too (although maybe not, see Number 9!).  Soup for lunch - usually have a stash in the freezer.

Number 3 - Garlic with it's antibiotic properties!
I nearly always cook with garlic so I'm hoping I have this one covered.

Number 4 - Lemon, Ginger & Honey Drink to help the immune system & give you a Vitamin C boost.

Number 5 - Echinacea has antibacterial properties & is good for the symptomatic relief of colds
I swear by this product.

Number 6 - Keep Warm
Will borrow my husbands lovely Christmas scarf when I go out! Maybe wear a hat. Would love a hat like this one, she looks so cosy & warm......

image - http://weheartit.com/
Number 7 - Stay off caffeine & nicotine as they severely impair the immune system
I don't smoke so that's easy.  I do love my coffee though - mmmm.  I might not manage this as tonight I'll be wrapped up in a cosy blanket (Number 6 - Keep Warm) with a freshly brewed pot of coffee, relaxing (Number 1 - Rest) in front of the fire (Number 6 again)!

Number 8 - Cut out sugar & other processed foods
I didn't know this one.  All meals are usually freshly cooked & I don't use sugar except for cakes, preserves etc.

Number 9 - Cut out all dairy as they are mucas enhancing
Ooh, hard.  The coffee again! I also love yoghurt piled high with granola & dried fruits - but sadly it appears not today.

Number 10 - Breath in the steam of dried chamomile flowers
I always thought it was eucalyptus oil!  I'm sure that probably works too. I don't have any chamomile tea.  I'm going to get some of these lovely Tea Pigs from my local farm shop on my next visit.

image - www.teapigs.co.uk

I could go on.  Does anyone else have any tips or remedies?

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  1. I've hopped over from Emma Bradshaw...I would add cosying with a hot water bottle and taking a lavender-scented bath. Very sweet blog - I shall be popping back as have 3 children and a hectic life too!