Friday, 18 November 2011

We All Scream for Ice Cream

Well in this household we most certainly do & today for the first time ever I attempted home-made ice cream.  I felt very inspired after I stumbled across this little gem.

How could you not give this one a try.  The recipe is on the wonderful Always with Butter blog.   However the credit appears to go to this amazing lady Heather Christo.

So, armed with the ingredients & an ice-cream machine on loan from a friend, I spent a very happy afternoon in the kitchen.

Here's the machine in action.  It's not very large - I'm considering asking Santa for one of these.

Here's the finished ice cream topped with a bit of hokey pokey I made earlier in the day.  The ice cream didn't really need the topping but the kids thought it was great.

So, I've managed to successfully make ice cream, my kids think I'm amazing & I have 6 egg whites waiting to be turned into meringues!!!

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