Saturday, 28 May 2011

In Awe of Bloggers

I take my hat off to all you bloggers out there.  I try, I really do, to keep my blog up-to-date with exciting things, places we've been to, things we've discovered, etc.  I even manage to write the posts!  Then they sit there, waiting for me to upload the photo's to make the page look pretty & more interesting - that bit I somehow just don't seem to manage.

It really is a shame as we've done some wonderful things lately:
  • We spent an amazing Easter in North Devon in that glorious weather - we pootled around in our dear old camper van.

Travels with our Camper
  • We discovered an amazing National Trust Cafe at Baggy Point.
  • We've given up our allotment & turned a small corner of our garden into a veg patch.
  • My husband has dug a HUGE whole in the garden ready for scalpings, etc - I anxiously await the arrival of the greenhouse!!!
  • The kids did brilliantly at their rugby presentation day - we were very proud parents.
  • Our poor little puppy was very ill & had to spend a week at the vets.  He's much improved now.  My bank account is not!!!  (This was not so wonderful).
Sad Oscar feeling very unwell

  • We attended a fabulous wedding of some very dear friends.  I had a fashion crisis but all turned out ok.  My daughter was however better dressed than me!  How does that happen so soon?
  • I wish I lived nearer London so I could go to Handmade Nest.  I have been inspired to start knitting a scarf for my daughter though - there's a chance it might be ready for Christmas!!!
I now need to catch up with all of your lovely blogs - so my feet are up with a nice cup of tea & lots of happy blog browsing.  Thank you one & all. x

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  1. Wow lots going on over your way! Your camper is gorgeous, what a great way to travel & spend some time..